Saturday, 16 August 2014





Hi Everyone,
So for a while I have been obsessed with interior design, I think its a sign that i'm ready to move out and decorate my own place. But for the mean time I can dream of what my house/cottage/apartment would look like.
I hope these photos give you some inspiration for your own places or if you live at home like me then your bedroom. I feel so good when I switch things around in my room or buy something new, it always makes me feel happy:)

I hope you have enjoyed this post, on my next post I will show you some home ware that I have been buying over the past months....... I mean I could move out sooner than anticipated;)

Love Gaby.X


Hayley- Eszti said...

I love interior design. I could easily spend hours browsing pinterest and pinning inspiration! I also can't refuse a good old home decorating TV show! Love all of your choices,the room with the glass roof is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, gorgeous pictures! xx

Tiny Tang said...

I'm pretty obsessed with interior design and home decor. I seem to always go towards these sections/shops when I'm in a supermarket or just shopping :p and i really love these pictures you have here, fab inspiration :) x
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Renata Burden said...

Love this post! I'm in love with white / pastel decor. Makes me wanna redecorate the house.