Saturday, 26 July 2014



Hi Everyone!

So this week I went over to my friend's house, she has the most beautiful house I have ever seen. I had to take some pictures for you to see as the scenery is to die for!  We were planning a lazy chill day, so I thought what's better to wear than a playsuit? Hassle free, SO comfy and stylish. Throughout the day I kept thinking I was in the South of France, everything was just beautiful and relaxing.

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Playsuit- Topshop
Shoes- Ravel
Bangle- Laura Ashley
Sunglasses- ASOS

Love Gaby.X


Sammy Smeth said...

This playsuit is absolutely gorgeous. I am so, so jealous of the house; how beautiful!

S xo.

caise said...

you look gorgeous!

Photo-Jenn-ic said...

These pictures are so lovely and I really love your playsuit!


lauren price said...

wow the scenery is so so gorgeous! Also that playsuit is to die for!!
Lauren xo